How To Print Digital Downloads With PaintShop Pro

This video is the short (cough, splutter) introduction of how to print digital downloads with PaintShop Pro. I thought ten or fifteen minutes plenty of time to explain the knotty problem of resolution. The irritation of digital downloads printing at different sizes. Surely it’s enough time to address why our 4 x 6 inches photo isn’t 4 x 6 inches or why it doesn’t look as crisp as on our screens?

I manage to curb my enthusiasm and teach you two tricks to ensure perfect prints every time and it only takes about 35 minutes.

Learning these tips over ten years ago changed my digital life. Sadly, not before I cropped all the photos of my cross stitch works so small as to be useless for displaying or printing. If you follow the rules I learned I promise you’ll never have a problem with printing again.

You’re right I can’t promise that! There’s still all manner of things that can go wrong, but at least your images will be the right size, if nothing else.

How to print digital downloads with PaintShop Pro

Oh, have a rummage in a drawer and find a ruler. You’ll need it.