Printing Photos with the FreePrints App

Printing photos with the Freeprints App impressed me and it was so easy to do that I want to tell you about it. Then again, perhaps you already know because until last week I’d never used my mobile phone to order photos! Here’s how I’m printing photos at home in 2016.

Before printing photos with the FreePrints App

I started digital scrapbooking in 2006, using PaintShop Pro. When I printed photos at all (or anything for that matter) I used an HP Photosmart printer at my desk. I recently upgraded that to an HP Envy 5530 and it’s brilliant. I also use a Silhouette Cameo for cutting my photos, paper or card because I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to using a manual cutter – and it’s not long before it hurts my hands anyway. My scrapbook pages live on my computer, rarely seen again.

I tried Project Life® in 2015

I can’t manage the standard album size, 12 x 12 inches or even the lesser 8 x 8 inches, certainly not once filled with pages. A page size of 7 x 5 inches suits me and my tiny hands and for the first time, we had printed photos we could pick up and thumb through. We have a a  7 x 5 photo book printed by Snapfish, and my December Daily album, printed  and bound at home. The Snapfish photo book is good, but more 8 x 6 in size,  and my first experience printing my photos outside the home. I like it, but they did stretch my photos to fit that slightly larger size. (So I’ve not bothered showing it here.)

#DecemberDaily Book |

I get a Doogee F5 in February this year

I mention this because it’s changing the way I take photos. Until getting my Doogee I used a Fuji Finepix digital camera, pulled my photos into PaintShop Pro with a card reader and did all my editing and creating on my desktop computer. No photo saw cloud storage or be editing in an app!

The Doogee has a 16 megapixel camera; the photos are brilliant and any blurriness is down to my problems holding anything steady! If I balance the phone on my knee the images are beautifully clear and sharp. Now, a camera phone needs photo editing apps, and I discovered the best, Snapseed (read about Snapseed)  and suddenly, for the last three months my photos also live in the cloud! I still use PaintShop Pro to create my pages, and find myself surprised by how much editing of photos I now do on my phone.

Which brings me to printing photos with the FreePrints App

Yes, sorry, it took me a while to get here, but I want to make it clear I’m a new convert to this mobile lark; in fact, I’d always shied away from it. It started with the Doogee phone, taking a few photos, then a few more, then finding Snapseed and then a random promoted tweet for FreePrints on a social media platform I read every couple of days when I remember (I’m notoriously unsociable!) and now I’m a mobile-photo-taking-editing-printing-expert!

Here’s the first five weeks of my digital scrapbook album – except, these are 6 x 4 inches as they were the only ones available for the 10 free prints offer. So, I resized my pages to fit.

printing photos with the FreePrints App
printing photos with the FreePrints App

As I said, any lack of sharpness you see here is a result of my taking a photo of my photos; in my hand they are crisp and clear, and the text is easy to read.

printing photos with the Freeprints App
A close up view – need to work on my focusing skills with this camera app!
printing photos with the Freeprints App
These free prints are printed on glossy paper, lovely to stroke!

Will I be printing photos with the FreePrints App again?

Oh yes! I have 35 free prints left this month, and with my order I also received a note about a 7 x 5 photobook that they do – I could have one free, each month. Could it be more perfect? A 7 x 5 inches photobook! I’ll try that, thank you very much.

My beloved PaintShop Pro hasn’t yet been replaced completely; I make my page templates using it, I format my text boxes in it, and this all stops me from incessant fiddling with the design instead of making the pages. These pages print so well because I took time to create the templates properly. My camera photos print so well because I take them on the highest setting.

Next week, starting on 9th May, it’s Week In The Life 2016 with Ali Edwards. I did this for the first time last year and I am even keener to take part this year; now I have editing and printing all organised, it will be an absolute pleasure!

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