Pumpkin Protection! Silhouette Studio Process Video

The Pumpkin Protection League, serving the needs of pumpkins everywhere, brings you this message…

I enjoyed making this card and planned a more witty introduction. The unexpected loss of my Mum three weeks ago has knocked the stuffing out of me and I’m not feeling particularly witty or creative. However, Mum wouldn’t want me to feeling sorry for myself too long. So, I’ll dedicate this first upload to her. As one of my greatest supporters she enjoyed seeing creations go from computer via the Silhouette Cameo and then pinned to her freezer door!

pumpkin protection silhouette studio process video

The leaves image originally has them cascading like rain and it’s lovely. That image doesn’t work for having leaves on the ground, and so we have to get creative. In this instance Silhouette Studio beats PaintShop Pro for creating separate images of each leaf to make the carpet of leaves.

The ability to cut apart an image is a great tool to have in your digital box of tricks. Not only does it stretch your digital supplies, you’re creating something individual. Having said that, I don’t always find it easy. Looking past the original image to see a different way of using it takes practice, at least for me! Taking the time to practice, mixing and matching images is well worth it for the end results.

I hope to record new videos, starting this week. If you have any ideas, or perhaps challenges, for me, leave a comment via YouTube and I’ll see what I can do.

Pumpkin Protection


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