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Everyone likes to know where they can find good resources for design and learning. And it’s even better if there is free stuff thrown in. However, the problem with free stuff is its lifespan; no sooner do you let people know about it but it disappears.

So, on this page I try to list websites that frequently offer free products via social media or newsletters and those sites where information is always free. Of course, free stuff is to entice you to become a subscriber or paying customer, and I recommend only those sites I use myself on a regular basis.

If you have resources for design or learning – or anything – that you think I should recommend, please drop me note via my Contact Me page.

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Who doesn’t love a good font? Certainly font choice can make or break a design, and with so many to choose from it can be quite a task!

Best Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Start with this article from Website Planet, written by Jill Sheehan, and you can’t go far wrong. I found some fonts new to me that I really like. And the pointers about choosing fonts for projects are incredibly useful.

The font suggestions are divided into categories; serif, sans serif, slab serif, brush script and hand-lettered etc. With a section for dingbat fonts, and what fonts to avoid, this is the most comprehensive collection of free, commercial-use fonts I’ve recently seen. And with sound advice, it makes a great for resource for design and learning too.

I must thank to reader, Amelia, for sharing this resource with me so that I can pass it on to you.


We’re not all artists, and when I need something I can’t make I support other artists who can. The websites below allow for commercial-use but always check the licenses too. It’s good sense.


CraftBundles are specifically for SVG files. The website works much the same as Design Cuts and The Hungry JPEG, but their license is slightly more restrictive.

For example, the craft/cut files “are created purely for the end customer. Craft/cut files are not for designers to use as a design element to create a new End Product in digital form for sale.” My understanding is that pulling apart an SVG to alter it is disallowed, and as that’s often what I want to do, I tend not to use CraftBundles.

Design Cuts

A lovely mix of graphics, templates, fonts etc. Save money by building a Bundle, and don’t forget to join the newsletter for special deals and free products. Similarly, following Desig Cuts on social media is also recommended to pick up special deals and free items too.

The Hungry JPEG

Another favourite place for my supply of graphics and free fonts. Again, I recommend following on social media for flash sales and free products, together with joining their newsletter.


Whatever you want to know, you can probably find the answer on the internet. Here are a few of my favourite places to learn programs, techniques and find inspiration.

Behance/Adobe Live

Behance is a treasure trove of inspiration and learning. You will need an Adobe ID to sign in and take part in the Live Chats during streams. All the Daily Creative Challenges and Livestreams are free.

The main programme of live events are Adobe-based; Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Fresco etc.

The beauty of Behance is its community. Users also livestream their process and answer questions, or offer tips and tricks. And there is a great variety to choose from:

The Adobe Live sessions can also be found on YouTube. There is also Adobe UK on YouTube, sessions are Live from 12 noon until 1 pm UK time, streamed at the same time as Behance.

And I haven’t even mentioned animation, video, user design, photography…

One other recommendation I have is Kyle T Webster, but he needs his own section. He has basic drawing videos, brilliant whatever medium you use and in-depth Masterclasses too. I’d suggest following him on Behance to get notifications when he streams. The search feature doesn’t return all vieos from a single user – and there is a lot of content to browse through.

Remember, only the Behance chat window allows for interaction with the hosts and other guests.

Silhouette School Blog

Melissa’s website is one of the first places I look for anything Silhouette Studio. Whilst the program has changed over the years, many of the techniques, tips and tricks are valid today.


You can learn anything from illustration to social media management to caring for houseplants on Skillshare. And much more! Yes, it is a subscription site but there are also lots of free classes too. For example, if you’re interested in Print-On-Demand this free Society6 class by Cat Coquillette is packed with information.

The subscriptions pay the creators of classes for their work, by sharing out the money based on our watch time. For me, it’s been a very fair way to earn a little money for the hard work I put in to making my videos.

So far all the links on this page are plain links. All that means is I don’t get anything for referring you to these sites. I share them because I think they are great places to find what you need. And that’s also true for Skillshare; it is a great place to learn and find inspiration.

However, this is my referral link – try Skillshare Premium for 14 days FREE – I get $10 for anyone who signs up. Yes, it is motivation for me to share and promote Skillshare, but I do that anyway because learning is never a waste of time.

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