Saturday In The Park Well, it was Manvers Waterfront Boat Club in Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham but it’s close enough. Today there was a get-together of TAG, The Arthrogryposis Group for those of us in the Northern reaches. I did snap some photos, but not as many as I intended probably because I was too busy nattering.

It was also an incredibly hot day, not really relieved by the huge downpour at 4.30pm as we were leaving. Yes, should have snapped that too; I’m slacking!



These hydrangeas and the page below are bonus pages so it’s worth sending this out to print. These are our hydrangeas in the front garden; I thought they deserved a page of their own they look so gorgeous.



What a relief to get into pyjamas and have a little read! Then I started making up my pages and was thwarted by the thunderstorm and had to go and watch TV instead – shame.

  • Mylo – plays wheelchair rugby (once known as Murderball) for Team GB and will be starting preparations for Rio 2016 in September.
  • Peter – he’s done so much in his life I could write a book about him!
  • Sally – we were actually at boarding school together where she was a couple of years ahead of me – and still is!