Saving Custom Colours in Silhouette Studio

It’s really past time for a tutorial isn’t it? I am getting back into the routine with a short video about saving custom colours in Silhouette Studio. This isn’t a new idea to me. The ability to save custom colours in both Photoshop and PaintShop Pro is something I miss in Silhouette Studio, so I found my own solution.

Melissa at Silhouette School Blog recently wrote about her solution for Saving Custom Colours in Silhouette Studio, it’s very similar to my own and prompted the video tutorial today. Using a custom colour palette in Silhouette Studio will vary between the editions:

  • Basic Edition – you do not have access to the eyedropper colour sampler on the Line or Fill Panels.
  • Designer Edition upwards: you do have the eyedropper tool and I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Well, one of the best things anyway.

The good news is that whichever Silhouette Studio edition you have you can still make use of custom colour palettes. Melissa also explains how she uses her custom colours when she is producing mockups for customers.

There is also a free custom colour template that you can download; the link is about half-way down, under a large screenshot of lots of squares! In the video I open this template and show you how you can put it to use.

And I learned something else

Did you know that from the Library you can right-click a file and choose “Merge [name-of-file-here]“? Have you seen that on the menu, like I have, and wondered what it did but were afraid to try it and find out?

Using Merge when you open a file in Silhouette Studio opens it within your current working document. This makes it invaluable for use with your custom colour palette. Save your colours off to the side of your design area and when you merge with another document later, your colours will appear in the same place.

In this screenshot I have opened my Stampin’ Up! colour chart using Merge and it’s exactly where I saved it in the original file – on the left.

saving custom collours in Silhouette Studio opening with merge command from the library

This little tip will save me hours of switching between tabs and getting in a mess!

Saving Custom Colours in Silhouette Studio

Useful Links

    • Stampin’ Up! Colour Chart: Marie Shaughnessy at
    • Program: Silhouette Studio V4 – Business Edition.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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