Scrapbook 2017 – The First 3 Weeks

Do I call what I do Project Life® when I don’t use pocket page protectors, albums and card kits? Yes, I make some free calendar cards for people to download, but my version relies simply on blocks with some added colour.

This morning I put together four pages, using two templates and it takes no more than half an hour. I kept losing my place in the process today because Novak Djokovich losing in the Australian Open distracted me.

Page Templates

Everyone says the key to maintaining a scrapbook habit is to keep it simple. After successfully completing 82 pages for last year I agree; my 2016 Photobook made it to print because I used pre-prepared templates and only one kit. This year I have to work a little harder because I am not using a kit but making my own calendar cards, title cards and other embellishments as needed. Here are two of the page templates I am using this year.

Scrapbook Templates 01 | 6 x 8 inches |

I format the text boxes and all I have to do is click and type. I use Opens Sans Semibold for the first few words and then Open Sans Regular at 10 points, with a line spacing of 0.5. PaintShop Pro doesn’t define line height in points but in a Word document I use a similar format: 10 point font, 20 point spacing between lines and 6 points between paragraphs.

The coloured boxes disappear when I add any cards, or I can change them to match photos if I wish to. To make the process simple is my aim, so I can save these two templates in different rotations too, so that I don’t have to make those changes each time. I can pick the template I want and get straight to adding the photos. I currently have five template designs, and with the different rotations have plenty of choice to make each page look a little different.

The First 3 Weeks

Anyone who worries that their life is uninteresting can take heart. The highlights of my New Year involve a bit of shopping and organising my craft area! I haven’t put a wheel outside my door yet.

Scrapbook 2017 The First 3 Weeks |

I did consider leaving out the New Year’s Eve photo of my lovely husband and me. We battled the phone camera’s voice capture feature and balancing skills to get this photo, by which time we are running out of patience. Of course, it works perfectly well any other time…

Now that I have my page templates ready and have decided how my calendars and week titles will look I can make this a weekly habit. It is never a good idea to wait until starting the book to decide what designs to use. I know when I leave supply decisions to the time I sit down to make pages I don’t make pages, I fuss around instead.

Over the next few days I will complete the week title cards and calendars for the year; if I leave them until the week begins each time it will be an excuse to start messing about!