Scrapbook 2017 The Photobook

Drum roll, please! Scrapbook 2017 The Photobook has arrived; I finished the year, for the second time. It was a bit of a strugglw towards the end of the year. I didn’t take many photos, I didn’t do anything for quite a while except read (in order) 25 books from Anne Perry’s Inspector Pitt series. I only stopped to await an injection of funds for Kindle books, namely my birthday present money.

On New Year’s Eve I hastily finished my pages, placing the order for the book on 2nd January. The operative word is hastily.

scrapbook 2017 the photobook with it's nice glossy cover

Oh, good grief! I didn’t even notice that I had the year wrong until I was putting the book on my shelf. Well, it’s too late now; there’s 80 printed pages, a nice glossy hard cover  and £31.99 between reality and perfection. I shall have to make do with reality.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? I like the idea of an outrageous 2018 – Part 2 book cover, it could be fun!

More About The Photobook

Once again this is 6 inches high by 8 inches wide, the perfect size for handling and filling with the most mundane details of a life lived within four walls, for the most part.

a look at the binding of the photobooka page inside the photobook

It’s a mixture of simple photo pages and proper digital scrapbook layouts with elements and fancy drop shadows. It is surprisingly entertaining to read, which my husband did, from cover to cover. He found one more spelling error; meanwhile I found a howler that caused much amusement.

the photobook howler - well one of them!

The Bog Ob. Ian says he will adopt it as the new phrase for any big job we undertake in 2018 (part 2). Didn’t I do any proof-reading this year? Oh well, moving on…

I blame it on completing weeks 43 to 52 in a rush, not wanting to dwell on the last couple of months too much. I also didn’t want to look back through the pages and see reminders of Mum so I trusted they were correct. I didn’t do a post of the last weeks, so here’s a collage of all the pages.

Weeks 43 to 52 completing the scrapbook of 2017

And thus 2018 Part One is done. It lives quite happily on the Photobooks Shelf, while I start work on 2018 Part Two!

The Photobook Shelf