Scrapbook 2017 – Weeks 4-13

Good grief, how did I forget to post my Scrapbook 2017 progress? I made all the photos ready to upload and everything. Admittedly, while busy making videos and cards I did get behind in making my pages. And, nothing much happened and I didn’t take many photos, except of my craft results, so I did leave my scrapbook alone.

Last Thursday my computer started limping along. It’s been a bit temperamental for a while, but now it has a proper problem; it won’t turn off. In case this problem is very serious (need a new computer serious) I sit at my desk and check all my files and program software are backed up. This prompts me to update my scrapbook pages too.

Weeks 4 and 5

scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 4 and 5

Weeks 6 to 9

scrapbook 2017 | weeks 6 to 9

Weeks 10 to 13

scrapbook 2017 progress | weeks 10 to 13

Yes, the computer problem was mildly serious. A new power supply fixes the problem with it turning off, but my husband decides that it’s 9 years old and I ought to get a new one. I don’t need second invitation and we’re straight out last weekend to the computer shop!

What a difference it makes. Programs run smoothly and creating scrapbook pages is even easier because PaintShop Pro isn’t struggling with the layers. The new computer also has a powerful graphics card, and my screen display is beautifully clear and sharp. I suppose this means I ought to be even more creative, with all this power at my fingertips.

Ian treats himself to a new graphics card, and we also invest in a Seagate 3 TB Personal Cloud system. Well, it’s a little black box sitting my desk shelf, hardly a system. We haven’t quite got to grips with automatic backing up from our computers and phones yet, but we think it’ll be good once we master it.

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