Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 37-42

My focus on Silhouette Studio tutorial videos and making Christmas Cards hasn’t stopped my scrapbook 2017 project quietly progressing. I have the same problem as last month; I’m not taking enough photos, and as Autumn blows in I admit to feeling very tired and lethargic. This weekend I managed lots of rest while also:

  • finding out our gas meter is blank and not producing readings;
  • Storm Brian leaking through our kitchen ceiling with a steady drip, drip, drip;
  • my husband  washing the curtains and cleaning the big picture window near my craft desk, which meant moving everything to the other side of the room.

You’re right. Ample opportunities for photos there, eh? Ian hard at work, hanging curtains, tidying up wires to the computer, coming home from a quick shopping trip in between window cleaning and curtain hanging, having dropped off a new kettle for my Mum. Me? I managed one photo over the whole weekend; of the bowl catching the drips from the leak.

Taking photos is habit. When I do Week In The Life or Day In The Life projects I take photos of all kinds of mundane things. I don’t use all the photos in the final project but the practice is what I find important. Remembering to take the photo, perhaps playing with some fancy editing just to improve my skills or learn something new; having a record of our most ordinary days is what counts.

Making the photo habit worthwhile

Then there are the moments when you capture something great, simply because you are in the habit of having your camera with you. Like the day I sat making Christmas cards and saw our little visitor nibbling my sunflower and lavender.

squirrel visitor in our garden

I took the photo through the not-cleaned-yet window, and the original is on an angle because of how I hold the phone. A bit of rotation and editing and I’ve one of my best photos of the  year because I was trying to keep my phone with me to take ordinary photos. This moment became the push to buy a cheap webcam to set up on my craft desk computer to record wildlife visits. I think we may invest in a better quality camera because we’re quite enjoying the motion captures and the short videos of magpies, squirrels and a cat!

Weeks 37 to 42

scrapbook 2017 project weeks 37 and 38

These pages encompass much of what Ian and I like to do. Ian is enjoying building electronic things and is proud of his temperature sensor and digital display. The projects don’t have much life; Ian dismantles them to make way for the next challenge.  I do my Silhouette videos and make cards, but also recorded a super-speed version of digital scrapbooking the photos of my Mum in her newest knitted creation. I wrote about my drawing in this post about Silhouette Studio Fun, and how discovering JamesLukeBurkeCreative on YouTube had inspired me. I do love my TN book cover; I ought to do more with it but, well, lethargy and tiredness, remember?

pages for weeks 39 to 42 of my scrapbook 2017 project

Before lethargy completely overtakes me and I spend far too long watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix I made good progress on Christmas cards, completing almost thirty. Storm Brian has blown away many of the beautiful orange-red leaves of the rowan tree outside my window so I’ll have to catch them next Autumn.

In the meantime I’ll get to grips with getting the gas meter and roof fixed and remember to keep my phone with me to capture the everyday moments that make up this ordinary life.