Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 14 & 15

Photos for scrapbook 2017 weeks 14 & 15 are few. I forget to take the ordinary snaps; I may not go out much, my life isn’t perhaps as exciting as others, yet the daily details are an enjoyable aspect when we look back over the years.

This week I’ll have a good supply of photos, as I’m taking part in #WeekInTheLife, for my third time. More on that in another post, let’s talk about the last two weeks.

Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 14 & 15

The beginning of April was balmy, with beautiful sunshine. My Mum thinks of me with this scrapbook project, and when she spots this gorgeous magnolia tree in bloom she snaps a photo. I expect the wind and rain since have all but stripped it of its blooms.

My husband Ian made his annual pilgrimage to the Blackpool Radio Rally. Here he indulges his other annual habit: spending his birthday money a month early! He isn’t one for taking many photos, but he did send one of the bright sunshine I was missing. I enjoyed seeing that, sat at home, still organising all my files on the new computer.

scrapbook 2017 weeks 14 & 15

My friend Katherine enjoys an Easter card-making session. I always breathe a sigh of relief that the designs I plan do work when put to the test. My Mum treats herself to some new, flowery shoes and I like them. I have silly-size feet and can’t buy shoes, which is probably a blessing in disguise because I would spend a fortune!

Good Friday sees me giving a computer lesson, email and Skype basics, to a friend with a new Windows 10 laptop. I also start my little Card In A Box project, crossing my fingers that I designed Silhouette cut file properly . The excitement and effort get the better of me and I have to stop before I finish it. I know, I’m a lightweight; no stamina or strength these days. I manage to complete it the next day, but then need two days’ rest and recuperation. I don’t even get to look at it for long; Mum decides she likes it and wants it for friend who’s having a hard time.

This is why I take photos. Without photos no one would know I made anything, projects fly off to other appreciative homes.

Another photo from Ian, with the caption, “Here’s my potato salad. It’s even got some green stuff!” During his lunch break at work it’s off to the chippy for pie, chips, peas and gravy. I looked at the homemade potato salad he left me, with cold chicken and a few crisps and think, “There’s something wrong with this picture.”

I do have my cake and eat it though.

To make these three pages took around an hour; I’ll be honest, to spare certain blushes and rescue poor lighting I spent a bit of time fiddling with the photos. The beauty of having prepared page templates, including the story boxes, means I don’t fritter my time away planning layouts or searching for supplies.

I send my pages to print as a photobook, so the white space and clean design suit my purpose. Having said that I have a few design changes in mind for my #WeekInTheLife pages.


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