Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 16-26

I’ve been so busy with videos and cards lately I forgot to share my weekly pages. Scrapbook 2017 Weeks 16 to 26 are here; yes, ten weeks’ of pages. Having Week In The Life™ helps us take a few more photos than usual, including some of my husband at work, not something I see very often. Oh, er, I mean at his office working; I don’t mean to imply he doesn’t “work” around the house, ahem….

Moving swiftly on before the hole I’m digging gets deeper. I found watching a couple of live scrap streams by The Tattooed Crafter and Inkie Quill worked wonders in making me get my pages completed. It’s amazing how watching and listening to someone scrapping kicks you into action.

Scrapbook 2017 Weeks 16 to 26

Let’s start with Weeks 16 to 19, when we learn we’re having a General Election. No wonder I resort to wine on Fridays!

project life scrapbook 2017 weeks 16 to 26


  • Page Templates: 6 x 8, designed by me in PaintShop Pro. I use Layer masks to make it quick and easy to drop in photos, and formatted text boxes for the stories.
  • Week Title Cards: designed by me and you can download them too. Title Cards – Free Download.
  • Fonts: Open Sans Semi Bold, Open Sans Regular.
  • Embellishments: camera from Ali Edwards’ Lens Storykit.

After the rush of Week In The Life™ guess what? I stopped taking photos. Weeks 20-23 are quite short on photos. Ian had a birthday and we went for a walk by the canal. We celebrated 16 years of marriage at the beginning of June, and I made a digital scrapbook page with layers, and shadows and glass flair buttons. Oooh! Ian starts battling a resurgence of the infection he had a few months ago, all along his jaw.

Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 20 to 23 | #projectlife


Weeks 24 to 26 see us enjoy a little bit of sunshine on our deck, complete with beer and barbecue. I make a Father’s Day card and make a start on Christmas designs. It never hurts to start early. Ian’s still battling Leaky Face; this infection is proving difficult to shift, even with antibiotics and we think he’ll need some more later this week.

Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 24 to 26 | #projectlife


  • Page Templates, Fonts and Title Cards: as above.
  • Embellishments: hello sunshine digital stamp and M circle from Morning Story/Gina Cabrera (no longer available to link to), Yes journal card from Ali Edwards’ Fun digital Storykit.

So far I have 39 pages completed, ready for printing my end of year photobook. There’s great satisfaction in seeing them all done, and having a reminder of the daily, small events that make up our lives.

None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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