Scrapbook 2017 | Weeks 27-36

It’s time for a Scrapbook 2017 pages update, and I have to admit that I have not been good at taking photos. Not a lot happens in my daily life; I get up, work on a video or creative project, have a lie-down, get up and eat and then go to bed. Terribly exciting stuff, eh? It doesn’t provide a lot of interesting photo opportunities.

In July the routine changed for five days when my husband was in the hospital for surgery. For months he battled a jaw infection and it became quite serious; the doctors worried it would slip down his jaw and interfere with his breathing, and so surgery was necessary and urgent. I have trained him well, he sent me photos from his hospital bed!

Week 27

scrapbook 2017 pages update - week 27

Bless him. He endured anaesthetic via a nose tube direct to the lung because he couldn’t open his mouth wide enough for the conventional method but only 12 hours later he’s looking much better, albeit with a “nappy on my face”  he said. I love his smiling face later that afternoon, 24 hours later and he is so much better than he has been for months.

I appreciated my phone more than ever; Ian was in Manchester Royal Infirmary so I couldn’t visit him. WhatsApp was marvellous for keeping in touch – at all hours. He made me laugh just hours after coming back from theatre, “The play was rubbish,” he quips.


Weeks 28 -31

weeks 28-31 - scrapbook pages

Ian continues to recuperate. Week 29 has no photos at all except the books Ian picked up for me while browsing a charity shop in his lunch break. The first week back at work and we did a lot of sleeping.


  • Embellishments: heart flair, quote marks, striped paper and seriously metal word from Say Cheese by Anita Designs; for the what a bargain page I used Daily Details, a collaboration kit from The Digichick, but I can’t find a link. I made the vellum strip and black enamel dots myself.
  • Calendar and Week Title cards: made by me and you can download them for free.
  • Fonts: Open Sans, Open Sans Semi Bold.
  • Program: PaintShop Pro X9.

Weeks 32 – 33

weeks 32-33 scrapbook pages update

Guess what? I left the house! We headed to Harrogate for the Motability One Big Day event to check out WAV’s – wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our lease is up next year, and after 5 years we want to see if there are any new options. We fell in love with the Mini, but it’s completely impractical yet deserving of a photo. We have two vehicles to choose from and home demonstrations will begin early next year.

I’m not keen on selfies; I always think we (I) look gormless, but it’s a rare photo of Ian and me together. Ian walked 5 miles that day; we know that because my wheelchair has a handy mile counter that tells us so. No wonder he couldn’t stay awake to read Isaac Asimov.

More excitement when my cousins come to visit and we get to grips with setting up a group on WhatsApp, The Exiles.


  • Embellishments: little bird from GG Digital Designs (no longer active); this is us word strip and arrows from Sugarplum Paperie A Lovely Day 3 – sorry there’s no link to this specific kit only the main shop.
  • Calendar and Week Title cards: made by me and you can download them for free.
  • Fonts: Open Sans, Open Sans Semi Bold, Fairwater Deco Serif from The Hungry JPEG.
  • Program: PaintShop Pro X9.

Weeks 34 – 36

weeks 34-36 scrapbook pages update

Ian likes building electronic thingummies; sometimes they have flashing lights (whoo!) and sometimes they have knobs. And sometimes he goes to radio rallies and spends lots of money, and should be looking sheepish not hiding behind a cat tray. The word Genius! has disappeared from that very nice green banner, I’m not sure why.

The bottom page has journalling that is nothing to do with the photo. I talk about the lack of photos and wondering if my photo book project next year ought to be smaller. The photo is from a Silhouette Studio video tutorial, which is proving popular on YouTube. It’s also what I’m spending most of my time on these days.


  • Embellishments: stars, vector shapes from PSP.
  • Calendar and Week Title cards: made by me and you can download them for free.
  • Fonts: Open Sans, Open Sans Semi Bold, Fat Boy One, Gab, and Ball-Pen Extra (heart with the arrow) from The Hungry JPEG.
  • Program: PaintShop Pro X9.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.