Scrapbook 2018

This weekend I’ve had an urge to organise all my digital files, and I’ve made good progress. It’s a useful task while watching the Wimbledon Championships playing via the laptop on my desk. Organising files is more than useful for backing up purposes; it reminds me I have not shared one page of my ongoing Scrapbook 2018 pages!

Back in February’s post Template Tuesday The First I mention the switch to Photoshop, right at the end of the post. Using Photoshop was still new, and I was finding my feet with clipping masks, actions and styles. I was pleased with the switch from PaintShop Pro even then; I can’t explain it other than everything is so much easier. Everything feels quicker.

It must be true. Here I am, halfway through the year, and my photobook pages are completely up to date!

Scrapbook 2018 – So Far

my scrapbook 2018 pages - all 45 so far

It’s true, I don’t live a terribly exciting life. Some weeks don’t have photos at all, for example, March when we were both ill with the ‘flu for the whole month.  Other weeks we go into overdrive, and there are three pages of ordinary, daily events. Sometimes we don’t take photos because we have forgotten the habit. Sometimes I have Not Dressed At All Days, and there’s definitely no photos then!

Halfway through the year, I have 45 pages, a snapshot of our lives.

The pages are a mix of graphic design, photos and text only. Other pages I have created traditional digital scrapbook layouts, complete with papers, embellishments and drop shadows for realism. All of it practice, helping me to learn Photoshop and improve my skills.

some scrapbook 2018 pages

I do love that bird chirping, “It’s Week 25.” (It’s juvenile blue tit; we have a few visiting our garden this year.)

Sometimes the restriction of a 6 x 8-inch page for the photobook is well, a restriction! I do like larger layouts, different shapes like squares, but I make it work. There is absolutely no point making larger pages if I can’t print and hold them once they’re finished.

I would like to try the different page sizes within one book, or album too. I have seen 9 x 3-inch pages and like the tall, skinny look. That’s not easy to do in a pre-printed photobook. Later this year I may try a version, say 6 x 3 inches and make a small, physical album with different page sizes. It’s about time I used my Cinch for a spot of binding.

You know, when I think about it my page size isn’t that restrictive. There’s a lot I can do in a small space.


  • Graphics: Various digital kits.
  • Fonts: Open Sans – used for most of the text. Various other display fonts for titles.
  • Program: Photoshop CC 2018.
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