Silhouette Mint – The First Stamping

Welcome to Silhouette Mint, The First Stamping – Success-I’m-Not-Covered-In-Black-Ink-Party!!!

Silhouette Mint the First Stamping

I wanted a Silhouette Mint the minute I set eyes on it. I love stamping, even though I am rubbish at it! You may remember that when I bought my Silhouette Cameo 3 this little treasure fell into my basket too.

My first stamp is very simple. It’s the Designed By Jane Bradbury information I print on all the cards I make. I enjoyed making this stamp, it’s really quite easy.

I haven’t yet learned all the tricks of the Mint Studio software; it’s very similar to Silhouette Studio at first glance. I’ll do videos about designing in Mint Studio very soon I think, I am full of ideas for stamps.

Don’t be put off by my scruffy impressions. The stamp itself is perfect; it’s the user who is the problem.

Silhouette Mint The Frst Stamping - messy impressions galore!

The uneven coverage is not poor stamp design, but poor technique and inability to press down evenly on the stamp. If a design has good clear lines there’s no reason that an experienced stamper, or even someone just learning, can’t produce a clear impression. My husband tried this stamp and did get a good result – and it’s his first time ever using a stamp.

You may think “Well, you’re a bit rubbish at stamping, why did you even bother buying a Mint!”

Why not? I always wanted to try designing my own stamps and there’s one place messy stamping is always welcome. My Traveler’s Notebook pages.

Art Journal Page in my Traveler's Notebook

There’s no stamping on this digital art journal page – yet. But there could be. And there will be… Once I’ve designed some more stamps! Oh, the ideas I have for the things I can do!

I hope you enjoy this short video. I’ll be going now, there’s stamps to design!

Silhouette Mint – The First Stamping

Other Useful Silhouette Mint Videos


  • Graphics:
    • Don’t Let Today with the face – Olga Langen Art, used with permission.
    • Only When quote, she…word strips, messy art splatters – Tangie Baxter. It’s from an old kit, so no active link.
  • Fonts:
  • Program: Photoshop , Mint Studio
  • Printer: Silhouette Mint!
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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