Silhouette Studio Fun

This week I’ve had Silhouette Studio fun, practicing my drawing skills. It all started with finding JamesLukeBurkeCreative on YouTube. I love watching people sketch, paint and colour with all manner of pencils and pens, even though I’ll never attempt it myself. He has some great videos including:

  • Coco’s Guitar – wonderfully creative tag made from paper;
  • Swatch Dolls – a great way to learn to draw cute little figures, and I’m working on mine;
  • Simple Face – this is the one that started it all for me this week.

“Start with drawing an m shape for the mouth,” says James. So I did. I drew my faces in Silhouette Studio, and it is surprisingly easy.  I know I’ve drawn shapes in Silhouette Studio before, mostly by copying what I see.  Drawing faces takes it a step further amd opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Silhouette Studio Fun Faces

silhouette studio fun - faces

They might not win any awards, but they are fun to draw! Now I have a base design I can play around and create all manner of designs. Yes, there will be a video about drawing like this very soon.

Last week I was working on a  Halloween design, and found myself thwarted by the Sketch tool. Mistakenly I thought Sketch Tool lines might still print and they look great for giving a hand-drawn look to images. I know; I ought to have realised that Sketch lines are for use with the Sketch Pen. I was trying to cheat, because reaching to change the blade to a pen on my Cameo is akin to scaling a high peak! I avoid it if possible and find the easiest solution.

Finding my plan unworkable I stalled, and suddenly every idea I tried looked like rubbish in my eyes. Hence no video this week. Instead I found myself consumed by drawing.  However, after a few days of unsuccessful ideas I decided I needed a project that worked to put me back on track.

Planning the design in Silhouette Studio

Knowing my inability to look at pieces of paper and assemble them in any pleasing way I designed the cover in Silhouette Studio. Moving images around on screen is much easier for me than moving the cut pieces. I added colour to the face, pulling a palette of skin tones from the web and by picking shades from the flowers.

Silhouette Studio - planning the book cover

I embark upon the print and cut, planning more photos along the way. First, a Windows update seemingly decides my craft desk computer no longer needs WiFi access, and I spend about half an hour vainly wheeling between the study and kitchen, trying to get my computers to talk to each other and the internet.  Managing one part of that struggle, I access my cut file via One Drive and start the flowers.

print and cut flowers

My husband wanders in, “Your Mum’s sent a message. She’s got your phone. Do you need it today?” The problem with identical phones; ifwe have them in the same vicinity, trouble ensues. And so, there are no more photos of the book cover in progress as I’d intended. Instead, imagine me fiddling with paper, trying not to get Herma repositionable glue all over the place and putting all the flowers where I want them.

The Finished Traveler’s Notebook Cover

Traveler's Notebook Cover - the finished article!

Finally, after a few days of unsuccessful ideas a project that works! I love how it looks. I even managed to trim the flowers at the corner, without unnecessary injury to either the book or myself!

It has also broken the spell of the unused book. I have a page of extras I printed and cut at the same time, so there’s no excuse not to work on an inside page now.


  • Materials: Beautiful Florals from CraftBundles, it’s currently free.
  • Paper: A4 white paper by HP for printing.
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.