Taking The Strain | Day 13

After making Racing ‘Round The Bend such a complex art project, I decided Haulers by Sybil Andrews might be easier to draw.

Sybil calls her art piece Haulers. When I look at this, I hear shouts of “Heave! Heave!” and the battle of a tug o’ war, and the starting cry of “Take the strain!”

this photo shows the original art by Sybil Andrews in the top left corner, and the progress I've made on my version below. I've called it Taking The Strain, as men heave against an object out of view. the second artwork of #the100dayproject
“Heave! Heave!”

I’m still getting to grips with the perspective of Sybil’s art. And I’m not convinced by the colour choices here. Choosing colours in Illustrator is a skill I haven’t mastered yet, even though it feels as though it should be as simple as in Photoshop.

Time today: 105 minutes/1hr 45m

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