Poirot Startled
Spring 2022 Photoshop Brushes
This is what happens when you're listening to Agatha Christie, playing with the Spring 2022 Photoshop Brush release and thinking of age-old trees that never change.
Portrait Study
Photoshop Brush Practice
Portrait of a young woman with her dog, Therese Schwartze 1879 (left) and my 2022 digital version (right)
The Twitter Thursday Portrait Challenge from Virtual Studio (@StudioTeabreak) from 13 April. I've not done one since, which is a shame because I enjoyed doing this portrait. 
No sketching for this piece, but a return to using selections for the big blocks of colour. Brushes mainly from the Spring 2022 release, with The Marshall being one of my absolute favourites, used here on the curtain. 
Spring 2022 Brushes
Yes, I absolutely cheated by following this video by Kyle Webster. Another stellar collection of brushes for Photoshop/Fresco that are a joy to use and experiment with. Although I've not done much experimenting myself, more just following the Master Himself.
The Girl With The Rainbow Hair
Digital Mixed Media
Original mixed media canvas by Adele (left) and my digital version (right)
Digital mixed media - all the fun, none of the mess. This quarter seems all about brushes, paint and texture.
With a little help from Sandrine I learned how to use Fresco on my desktop to paint the background. The Live Brushes for Watercolour are exceptional, but then probably everyone already knows that.
In Photoshop I added a little extra brush details The sequins and stars are my own brush creations, as are the Layer Styles to give them realism. I didn't add as much texture as the original by Adele, mainly because I forgot! 
Credit: Mixed Media Canvas by Adele/Inkie Quill. Adele's videos on YouTube - Mixed Media Canvas #1, Mixed Media Canvas #2, Mixed Media Canvas #3
If I Wrote A Book
Cover Idea
The Duck Book of Jane Bradbury (left) and The Penguin Book of Dorothy Parker (right)
I was stuck for something to create and Stephen Booth suggested this fabulous Dorothy Parker book cover. The majority of the design was completed during two Livestreams in May, just before Covid knocked me out for the next two months.
The idea of turning the trailing flower from the cigarette smoke into the Pen Tool of Illustrator/Photoshop I'm sure came from a viewer, but I'm sorry I can't remember much more. I should take notes at the time when I'm working on something to publish.
Font: LTC Broadway from Adobe Fonts
Thank you for reading and your support.
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