Bare Roots
Logo and Leaflet
Bare Roots Massage Therapy is a brand new local service. Their ethos is grounded in simple, relaxing and uplifting experiences.
The logo is to reflect that, with its circles and flowing curlicues reminiscent of encircling, comforting arms. Flowing, simple lines in barely black, on a white background, with a hint of grey for contrast.
The font is called Salad Interlock Regular, mirroring the idea of roots, with characters having extra length or width to cosy up together. Salad by Zetafonts from Fontspring.
Pip had a clear idea of clean lines and black and white colour. For the leaflet printing that keeps the cost affordable. The lovely greens, pinks and browns I used for examples can always be used later.
Wigan Wildlife Gardener
Logo Exploration
In August I found a new gardener. Ali is so new she hasn't yet got a logo! After seeing some of my art, she was happy for me to have a try at designing one for her. Ali was also responsible for sending Pip of Bare Roots my way, so she's not only looking after my garden, she's looking after me too!
Ali's logo is going to incorporate her; her face, her hat, her hair. I have got a little further than this rough sketch, and I'll make a full project for Wigan Wildlife Gardener later.
Ode To Livestreaming
DTM & Voodoo Val
You know, I don't think I finished watching this Livestream! Totally enthralled by the enthusiasm and joyful faces I grabbed a screenshot and made a very rough sketch in Illustrator.
This deserves its own Behance Project too, so again just a teaser until I get it done.
Neon With Everything!
Photoshop Neon Goodness
At the same time as seeing VoodooVal with her neon background, Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics published a YouTube tutorial all about Neon Lettering.
The above screenshot shows the Photoshop Layers and the Layer Effects that helped make this project cover image.
Honestly, I didn't practice this enough. In a rush to try and publish something for Quarter 3 I stopped at "That'll do!" instead of exploring the neon effect more.
There have been scribble practice sessions but nothing else worth sharing. I've had a slow quarter, and maybe I'll end the year with a burst of creativity!
Thank you for reading and your support.
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