There is advice aplenty around the internet about forming good habits. Especially prevalent is the number of days required to build a new habit, ranging between 30 days to 60 days and any number in-between. Is #the100dayproject about building a good habit that will last?

#The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place online. Every spring, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of exploring their creativity.

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Explore my creativity for 100 days, that’s all.

Perhaps this has been my obstacle in the past; I’ve thought of #the100dayproject as a habit to start – and keep going into the future. A job to do; a task to get done; more of a chore than something I do for fun and just to see what happens.

From experience I know that my creativity improves when I do a little bit each day – or at least regularly. I hesitate to say “daily” because sometimes pain or feeling unwell does get in the way.

#the100dayproject for 2020

During February and March I worked on recording Stickers, She Said, my first Skillshare class. Once the class was published I pondered that having a project to focus on had worked well, even though I was sidelined by illness for two weeks.

This year I am learning Adobe Illustrator, via classes at Skillshare of course. At first I considered the classes for my #100dayproject and publishing my homework.

The 1920’s era is fascinating to me, as I mention in It’s The Twenties Again!. Through researching the art of the time I stumbled across Sybil Andrews, an English artist who settled in Canada. (See the gallery of Sybil’s art at The Internet Archive.)

Sybil’s art mesmerises me; the shapes, colour, textures and perspective. I want to know how she captures the moment of energy and movement – and if I can learn how to do it myself.

At first Sybil’s art looks simple; there are no detailed faces or hands, for example. But attempting to draw my own version of Racing I discovered that the result might appear simple, the execution is not!

#the100dayproject for 2020 is decided!

I will create versions of my favourite pieces from Sybil’s gallery. My end goal is more than having copies of her art; I want to understand and learn by copying, so that I can try to draw a piece of my own art in Sybil’s style.

Guess who chose the most difficult piece to start with?

Motorbikes | Project #1

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject
Racing ‘Round The Bend | 11 days/13hrs 10m

I missed drawing on one day. I am keeping a #100dayproject diary here on my blog, with screenshots of daily progress and a few disjointed thoughts.

Taking The Strain | Project #2

After the Motorbikes, this piece gave me a rest, with it’s simple shapes. I spent as much time playing with colours as I did drawing!

Blow Me Down | Project #3

When I was browsing my gallery of Sybil Andrews’ art I saw the perfect piece to capture in Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue. I had no trouble choosing the colours this time; classic blue, black and a neutral background.

Also, it feels like a great way to embody the buffeting we are taking from the Sars-CoVid-2 virus. Trying to keep our feet in the midst of this howling gale of upheaval, staying at home, and grief.

Sybil called her art piece Gales; Blow Me Down immediately came to my mind.

blow me down | day 15 of #the100dayproject
Blow Me Down | unfinished 2 days/3hrs 50m

Usually, the saying goes “Well, blow me down with a feather!” At least, that’s what I heard, growing up. This phrase was often uttered by my Mum, when Dad had done a job without first being asked, as an exclamation of surprise.

Practise, Practise, Practise

With the #the100dayproject my only job is to enjoy the practise of drawing. I am trying not to be a perfectionist; after all, I’m not a great artist and I need all the practise I can get. When I notice that I am titivating around the edges for too long, or fretting about colours, I stop and call the piece done.

Adobe Illustrator is becoming more familiar, and now I look forward to learning how much more I can do with this program. Also, I’m thinking some of the easier pieces would translate to Silhouette Studio, and intend to record a few videos soon.

In fact, that’s my next job.

A daily drawing practise is good for my creativity, but now I need to fit in my other ideas, such as videos and adding products to thejbdigitals shop.

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