Thirteen Weeks

My digital scrapbooking update, Thirteen Weeks, Scrapbooked, is a story of satisfaction because my page templates work better than I hoped. Here I am, all up-to-date; my photos are organised and labelled, my pages made and even my written diary is current!

Thirteen Weeks Scrapbooked |

I have kept to the same design for the week beginning page and used only one kit, Project 52 2016 from Becky Higgins Project Life®, to limit my tendency to procrastinate by over-editing everything! There are only eight template pages to choose from, and to make sure I don’t get lost choosing fonts (another favourite past time) I have formatted all my text boxes with Open Sans – even down to the line spacing detail.

This means that all I have to do is choose the photos, drop them under the mask layers, write a few words and that’s my week captured. I was not convinced this format would work for me; I thought I would still mess about far too much. However, I am a convert to the simple pocket scrapbooking system – without the physical pockets.

Our first three months were filled with home improvements, which saw the computers being packed away twice, new floors going down, walls painted and new internal doors fitted; it’s like a whole new house in here! We visited friends, made do without those pesky computers for a few nights, narrowly avoided a hospital admission because I ate the wrong thing, and started our annual viewing of all seven series of The West Wing.

Without these photos and writings I would remember very little of the daily happenings; of course, they’re mundane, every day events that mean little in the grand scheme of life. Yet they do; life, however it is lived, is important and will be a treasure to look back on, if only to giggle at how large computers and mobile phones are!

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