More About Tracing in Silhouette Studio Video

Greetings, one and all! I’m still in Halloween mode, with Quentin up to mischief once again. Today he provides the raw material for talking more about tracing in Silhouette Studio, and how we can use a traced image to add shadows to our work.

I alslo have an apology to make. I have been tootling along making my videos with careless use of the Eyedropper Tool for picking up colour from an image – and today I read the Comparison Chart of the Silhouette Versions and discover this is available in Designer Edition and above only.  Even Rulers may not be univeral in the Basic Edition and I use those all the time.

I learned this today as I was making sure of which version the Shadow Tool becomes available. I apologise for any confusion, if you have the Basic Edition and I am happily telling you to do something you can’t do for love nor money. Whilst upgrading to Designer or Business Edition is an investment, I hope my videos go someway to helping you decide if the extra features are worth it.

The card today I believe is manageable in any edition of Silhouette Studio. I use Tracing, and show you both the Shadow Tool, and how to imitate shadows using a duplicate copy of the image. In my version I used the duplicate image to make the shadows for the potion bottle and for Quentin, flying through the air. A simple oval shape filled with grey colour makes the cauldron’s shadow easy.

more about tracing in Silhouette Studio


More About Tracing in Silhouette Studio Video

Here are links to some resources I might have mentioned:


None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for. This is not a sponsored post; I simply like these graphics and especially Quentin.
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