Two Cards for Mother’s Day | 2017

Two cards for Mother’s Day 2017, and I wonder, “Why do I only find inspiration to make something when there’s an event looming?” I tell myself I’ll do things differently; I’ll prepare early, leave time to make things at a leisurely pace and my good intentions fly out the window!

In this case, I did start early, almost a month ago. A trial run for my teaching project produces two cards. And then I run into a problem; how do I publish the designs to possible customers when my Mum reads my blog? Bless her, Google even sends alerts to her when I publish a post, I’ve no chance of hiding anything. Hello Mum!

This question puzzles me for three weeks and my solution is – do nothing. Instead, wander off fixing problems elsewhere, and forget you need to finish the cards for actual Mother’s Day this weekend.

Two Cards for Mother’s Day

two cards for Mother's Day 2017 \ print andcut project

The Details

I created the patterned paper blocks of stripes and dots, remembering to save a template image for using with different colours for other projects. I often forget this step and spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel. I drew the separate flower petals using PaintShop Pro vectors, of course, and cut everything out with the Silhouette Cameo. I cut three sets of petals for the flower, pierce a hole in the middle for the brad (without piercing my finger!) and glue it down with Glossy Accents. Aside: now, there’s another thing. Why is it I can’t find an easy supply of mini brads??

The patterns for the flags on the banner card are a mixture of my own designs and patterns that come with PaintShop Pro. I create the flags as triangles, copy, rotate and join them together to make one shape that folds in half. The easy bit done, here are the cards in the Silhouette Cameo, ready for printing and cutting.

Silhouette Cameo view | ready for print and cut

I struggled folding the flags and keeping them on the twine while at the same time wielding the glue pen to stick them down. There’s probably an easy way to do this, but the result is good so I don’t worry about it.

In this close-up view you can see the added texture; sometimes I truly love PaintShop Pro effects, especially when they look this good. I like the roughly finished look, enhanced by my printer declining to use the black ink fully!

print and cut with Silhouette Cameo - | details

It’s too late for Mother’s Day 2017 in the UK, but you can have your own version, for a small donation, by emailing me.


  • Brad: an old one from Stampin’ Up.
  • Twine: Whisper White from Stampin’ Up.
  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman for printing and A4 black Trophee card from Amazon for the card bases.
  • FontsMontic from The Hungry JPEG, Century and Georgia.
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.



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