A Valentine Mess Silhouette Studio Tutorial

Watch – and possibly learn – as I make a Valentine mess in this Silhouette Studio tutorial. I make more mistakes than I can count yet the finished project turns out well enough in the end. I considered starting again; it’s been two weeks since my last video because I had an awful cold and even with the mistakes there is lots to learn in this tutorial.

Valentine’s Day is just three weeks’ away and it’s time to do something! We’re not especially good at special day cards in this house; my husband operates with an “any day is wondeful” attitude and cards on certain days seem superfluous. I like that; it means he doesn’t notice when I forget! And this year allthough he might get a card, it won’t have anything printed on it – yes, Mistake No.1!

A Valentine Mess – The Finished Card

I did my practice print, cut and make before recording the video, so here’s my first attempt.

a valentine mess - my finished card first attempt | janebradbury.com

There’s not a lot wrong with this. It’s a clean and simple design and I managed to get crisp, neat cuts on my heart shapes. The only thing missing is a sentiment from the left hand side, similar in style to that on the envelope, reading “To My Love.”

I even made a custom envelope because the card size is unusual for me, 4 x 4 inches square. The envelope is great, too! Except I forgot I have my Cameo blade depth set at 3 so the Force on the Scoring option was too strong, hence the decorative edge. However, the lines have not cut so far through as to make the card pull apart, so I’m not counting it a complete failure.

I didn’t allow enough room for the sticky foam squares raising the white front of the card. When I designed the card I wasn’t thinking of added dimension with foam squares and didn’t allow enough in the offset. Mistake No.2 and one I don’t make in the video recording – because I’ve learned my lesson!

Registration Marks, Cut Settings and Rotating The Whole Mat

You may not want to make the Valentine card but there’s other useful information in this video.

  • I show you how I lay out my card elements to fit my A4 page size.
  • I discuss registration marks and the settings I use successfully.
  • I explain using line colour to order the jobs the Cameo does e.g. red for cut and blue for score.
  • I talk about using overcut and how to change the settings.
  • I discover a trick to making sure an element prints the right way up – rotating the whole mat within the window!
  • I take photos of my whole print, cut and stick together process, where Mistake #3 occurs.

It’s a long video at 1 hour 3 minutes or so, taking you through the whole process of design, print, cut and put together. I hope you think it’s worth it because a lot of the techniques for making this simple card is the basis for making anything in Silhouette Studio.


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