Wednesday Week

And I won’t give a damn (by Wednesday week.) Oh yes, I’ve been Googling song lyrics for days of the week, I will not be beaten!

Wednesday’s #WeekInTheLife was a little quieter – or I didn’t take as many photos. However, I’ve just realised I’ve left out my evening pills and the little face I’d made with them.

It’s getting darker in the mornings, not least because the weather is changing. It’s a reminder that we will soon be heading into September and Autumn. An unintended benefit of #WeekInTheLife is that my diary is up to date! I like the feeling and wonder if I’ll keep it up?

Also, has anyone else noticed that this photo lark works like mindfulness – or at least my understanding of mindfulness, never having actually tried it! This week has gone by at two speeds – fast because it’s Friday tomorrow already! – and slow because I’ve been taking note of more that happens during my day. It reminds me of the quote from Gretchen Rubin:

“The days are long but the years are short.”