Week In The Life™ 2016

I have great plans for Week In The Life™ 2016. “It will be better than last year,” I thought. What’s that saying about plans? Or is it pride? I am being negative; in terms of activities WITL™ 2016 didn’t have much to recommend it, but it gave me the opportunity to try new methods and they worked a treat.

The Details

I intended to create new template pages but I like my daily pages and think there’s enough variety to make a decent album for WITL™. The pages work well; I don’t get tangled up trying to sort out fonts and positioning, it’s all done and I can just make small edits if I want to.

  • Size: 7 x 5 inches, with plenty of white space.
  • Fonts: Open Sans/Open Sans Semi Bold for the stories, Botanica Script for some titles.
  • Cameras: Fuji FinePix AX, because for self-timer shots I need the camera to stand up alone! The Doogee phone camera is brilliant, with 16 megapixel photos that I love. Ian sent a couple of photos from his phone; we really must get it set to take the maximum pixels because his photos turn out small. Unlike mine; have I mentioned how much I love my Doogee phone? I even reycled the photo of my coffee, one of the first snapped and edited on the Doogee because I like it so much.
  • Editors: PaintShop Pro X8, deposed from its editing photos throne, is still my workhorse. I edit Doogee photos using Snapseed (my favourite filter is Drama!) and I liked the effect so much I uploaded my other photos to Google so they could get Drama too. I still love creating page templates, vector text and graphics in PaintShop Pro, and I don’t think I’m ready to throw it over completely, but I surprised myself by how much photo editing I did on my phone.
  • Display : More firsts – a Google Slides display for the blog, instead of an image of my pages. It means all the pages are visible, no strategic covering up of anything I might not want to share. This year it’s all out there. It is surprisingly simple to create this slide show, taking about ten to fifteen minutes, pulling the photos from my Google Week In The Life™ 2016 album.
  • Printing: You’ll remember I tried the FreePrints App this month and the results impressed me? They also do a free 7 x 5 inches PhotoBook option – you can have one free per month, 20 pages for £5.99 postage. Unfortunately I originally had only 9 pages – and here’s what took me longer to do, sorting out extra photos to make ordering the book worthwhile. As the week had been more than a little ordinary I didn’t have lots of photos to choose from. I cobbled some extra pages together and I’m pleased with the result; it captures the week that was Week In The Life™ 2016. There is an extra page in the printed book where I used their layout collage option and it works a treat. I could probably make all the book in that app.
  • Mistakes: While making the slide show I noticed a space missing, and there’s probably other typing errors too. It’s not perfect and it’s not supposed to be, not this time.

My Week In The Life™ 2016

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