Week In The Life™ 2017

I started Week In The Life™ 2017 unprepared; no plan, no page templates, no theme or ideas at all. By Wednesday, when I pull a muscle overnight, I am ready to give up taking photos. It’s all such hard work, and for what? It’s not like we’re doing anything special. Grumble, grumble, groan.

Through Wednesday and Thursday I drafted five new page templates. The pulled muscle meant moving gently, so it gave me time to play at the computer. I managed to take a few photos, and Ian joined in, so there is enough material to make this work. I carry on.

By Sunday, I realise I am having fun with this project. This isn’t a special week, nothing much happens and for two days I’m in a lot more pain than usual. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Week In The Life 2017 | photobook

Week In The Life™ 2017 | The Details

  • Size: 8 x 6 inches.
  • Fonts: Open Sans/Open Sans Semi Bold for the stories, Zooky Squash for the days, Franklin Gothic Heavy and Questa as incidentals.
  • Page Templates: I created five new template designs for this project, moving up to 6 ins high x 8 ins wide. Each page has all the text areas formatted, so that all I have to do is drop in my photos and add the story of the day. I do have a quandary now: I prefer these new page layouts to the pages I am currently using for my weekly photobook. I may have to switch designs.
  • Embellishments: Now, you see, I watched a video towards the end of the week. Mercy Tiara’s series (3 videos) on making a mini-album. This link is for the final sharing of that album, and links to the other videos are in the information below it. I have no idea how it happened. Suddenly, Sunday night, all my clean, graphic-style pages had stuff thrown at them! I dredged up digital supplies that are 10 years old. And I loved every minute of it. It’s not a clean, graphic photobook as planned, and it’s not perfect, but oh, it was so much fun.
  • Cameras: Fuji FinePix AX,  but I ditched this early on. The Doogee F5 phone camera is 16 megapixels, has a timer up to 10 seconds and the quality has spoilt me. It’s not so good with shots in artificial light, true, but I also forget to use the flash. Overall, I prefer the quality of photos taken by the Doogee; I’m benching the Fuji until I can justify buying a new one. Ian came up trumps (can I say that?) towards the end of the week; using a £1 stand meant for a tablet. It makes a great temporary holder to take the self-timed photos, although it makes Ian howl to hear me shouting “Cheese!” at the phone. The voice capture option is a little temperamental, a bit like me. This year my husband Ian took a more active part; his takes photos with a Samsung Galaxy…something (but they’re not as good as my Doogee F5!)
  • Editors: This year I edited all photos  in PaintShop Pro X8, reinstated to its primary position as my graphics program of choice. It wasn’t a conscious choice; last year I did enjoy using Snapseed on my phone for editing. In truth, I forgot all about it! I’ve been working so much with PaintShop Pro lately I didn’t think of using anything else.
  • Display : Once again a Google Slides display for the blog, with a two page display. This mimics how my photobook will look once it arrives, so there are a couple of blank pages.
  • Printing: As I describe here in this post, I use the Photobooks app for printing. The do a free 7 x 5 inches PhotoBook option – one free per month, 20 pages for £5.99 postage. However, every time I’ve ordered I have upgraded to the 6 x 8 inches hardcover option, so that’s why this year I designed my pages that size. As you know, life here isn’t terrifically exciting so I have time to create my pages as the week progresses. By Sunday night I have uploaded  all but two of my pages to the app ready for printing. It is so easy, I wonder how I managed without a smartphone for so long!
  • Mistakes: I haven’t noticed any glaring errors, but then I’ve been too busy throwing stuff at the pages to notice. Some photos, those taken early in the morning or late at night, are grainy. It doesn’t matter; this is our Week In The Life™ 2017 and it tells our story.

My Week In The Life™ 2017

Friday, 5th May

My photobook arrived Wednesday, and it looks as good as I hoped. Here it is, sitting on the shelf with my other photobooks.

#aewitl2017 photobook

This photo shows a couple of the inside pages. Overall, the pages look the same as they do on the slideshow above. There are one or two places where the colours are not as vibrant as they appear on-screen, due to my having a new computer. The graphics are much clearer so I’ll have to allow for that in future publications!

#aewitl2017 inside pages of photobook