What Can Silhouette Studio Do For The Planner In You?

Did I know I was a secret planner?

In June an opportunity fell into my lap. Becki (@planneruk) needed someone to demonstrate how to print and cut stickers at new planner event in Manchester.

“I can do that!” Without giving myself time to talk myself out of it, I offered my services. And in that moment, in the blink of an eye and a second of bravado, life can change.

In the name of research, I hurtled into the planning rabbit-hole – and down I fell.

So, What Can Silhouette Studio Do For The Planner In You?

With a short time to prepare I knew writing a script of sorts was necessary. I needed to know exactly what I was doing and saying; no cutting out the bloopers in the editing phase!

If you watch any of my YouTube videos you will know I like to explain, in minute detail, the methods I am using. You will not be surprised to know I had the same problem with the workshop. Over 50 pages of text, with screenshots, and only 3 pages fitted into my allotted 45 minute slot!

The PDF Workbook

The answer was to keep all the work and produce Almost Everything You Need To Know About Printing And Cutting Stickers With Silhouette Studio PDF workbook. (Almost Everything – because I don’t know it all.)

The Workbook begins with an overview of the software, drawing basic shapes, editing shapes and how to fill shapes with colour and patterns. With 55-pages of essential information, helpful images, tips and tricks, you have a map to start your own journey to print and cut stickers.

Click here to download your FREE PlannerFest Sticker Workbook.

The Videos

Where the book ends, the videos begin. I have recreated the masterclass hour from PlannerFest in Manchester on 27th July and recorded four videos.

The original artwork is provided by Katie and Stephanie from the Facebook Group, UKPA – UK Planner Addicts.

I may be using a Cameo to cut my stickers, but you could easily use the workbook, watch the videos and cut your stickers by hand. I use the free version of Silhouette Studio and basic shapes; all you need is your imagination and fussy-cutting skills.

Turn A Painting Into A Sticker

If you love to play with paint you can turn your masterpieces into stickers. What planner wouldn’t want to be able to do that?

Get to grips with the Silhouette Studio software, importing JPG images, cropping and point editing to make a truly original sticker.

a watercolour painting of a dog, ball, tree and moon with some text added to make a print and sticker in Silhouette Studio
It really has been ruff….

Watch the video here or on the PlannerFest YouTube channel.

Draw A Doodle Sticker

In this second video learn how to look at your doodles in a new way. Import a photo into Silhouette Studio and using the Line Tool to produce a simple line drawing.

Learn how to manipulate the lines to create a master design and discover the trick that stops lines looking messy when you resize a drawing. It’s so simple and it’s almost as good as sliced bread.

A line drawing of Asda taken from a doodle, with colour added too. This is What Silhouette Studio Can Do For The Planner In You!
From black and white, let’s get ahead of ourselves and add colour!

Watch the video here or on the PlannerFest YouTube channel.

Colour A Doodle Sticker

A simple black and white line drawing is often all you need; they are a timeless classic. Sometimes, you need colour to brighten up the day and in this video I add simple shapes of colour to our line drawing.

You’ll be amazed at how a simple doodle can be transformed into a sticker that will make anyone proud to do the weekly shopping. Here are some extra shopping stickers I made for fun.

a bright and colourful sticker to make shopping at Aldi fun
Aldi? Lidl? I’ve got a sticker for that!

Watch the video here or on the PlannerFest YouTube channel.

Let’s Do The Print And Cut!

You know I always like to show you the end result when I make a video. On the day, I took along sheets of the stickers I showcased during the workshop. Here at home, using the exact designs you’ve seen me create, I took photos of my print and cut process.

Setting up a print and cut template for an A4 page is the starting point; it will save time in the future. Learn how to use Line Colour to control how the Cameo cuts and check for any stray cut lines in the design before you cut.

the sticker sheet loaded into the Silhouette Cameo, ready to cut
Ready to cut
a perfect cut, all the way through the sticker paper to make 4 separate sheets
A perfect cut through the sticker paper

While you may not have a Cameo or Portrait you could easily cut basic sticker shapes with scissors. You wouldn’t get the peel-up kiss-cut from sticker paper, but there’s no reason you couldn’t give it a try. You can use plain paper too, and stick down your creations with glue.

By using the free version of Silhouette Studio and learning the method, you can decide whether printing and cutting stickers is the new love of your planning life – and it will cost you only a piece of paper to try it out.

And here's a photograph of another sticker to show the perfect kiss-cut too!
And here’s a perfect kiss-cut too!

Watch the video here or on the PlannerFest YouTube channel.

As for me? There’s no hope. I am lost forever in the print and cut sticker world, feverishly working on new doodles!

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